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TN slitting/rewinding machines are suitable to slit any kind of flexible material. They can be fitted with a SCISSOR CUTTING SYSTEM, PNEUMATIC CUTTING SYSTEM or a RAZOR CUTTING SYSTEM. They are user friendly, compact and reliable. Machine dimensions available are: width mm 600, 1200 and 1600.
TN 700 TN 1200 TN 1600
Machine to hot cut woven labels complete with group for the manual cutting by wire and with automatic raising of the incandescent wire, heat control and pieces counter with programmable machine stop.
MOD. TF 115
Cutting machines for hot stamping foil CE 1000: maximum log length 1050 mm, maximum diameter 130 mm CE 1300: maximum log length 1350 mm, maximum diameter 130 mm
CE 1000 - CE 1300
Lathe-system cutting machine for PVC and adhesive materials T 130: maximum log length 1400 mm, maximum diameter 250 mm T 160: maximum log length 1200 mm, maximum diameter 250 mm
T 130 -T 160